Henri Fitzmaurice

Vietnam After Vietnam

A Research Documentary Project

Boxing Day 1966: My father arrived in Bong Son, Vietnam at age 18. On the same day, the United States Defense Department admitted for the first time they may have accidentally bombed Vietnamese civilians. 

When my father was deployed half-a-century ago, he became a statistic as one of the hundreds of thousands of men whose lives would be affected by PTSD resulting from our nation’s involvement in the Vietnam war. Yet the lands that left him permanently disabled are the same ones he describes the beauty of with a reverent passion.

As he gets older, I embark on a project to document his memories of the war.

Weaving them along-side interviews with Agent Orange Victims, UXO Survivors, Diplomatists, and Vietnamese and American soldiers, I am producing a documentary of veterans reflecting on the area and their experiences as Vietnam has globalized since the war.

As part of my South East Asia interview expedition, I will be journeying to the provinces my dad was stationed in during his two tours. In coordination with the nation's leading National War Museums, I will sit down with Vietnamese war experts and surviving Vietnamese veterans his age. 

I am invested in uncovering affected individuals' stories. I will document them candidly, listening to their diverse personal experiences across Vietnam; acknowledging that viewpoints may differ dramatically with each in-depth interview. 

The Vietnam War ignited a cultural revolution in the United States, while a far deadlier revolution boiled overseas. The son of a soldier, I aim to create a dialogue of dynamic conversations weaved with my own experiences in Vietnam— retracing the lands my father survived at the same age, under very different circumstances 50 years ago. 

Vietnam After Vietnam is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit. Contributions for Vietnam After Vietnam must be made payable to Fractured Atlas only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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News About the Film:

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Ambassador Ted Osius Joins Interview List

Ambassador to Vietnam under Presidents Obama and Trump, Ted Osius, joins the collage of interview subjects. Osius served in the Foreign Service for over 25 years and has been central in progressing US/Vietnamese relations since 1997.

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